DP: I Walk the Line




I cant say I have a particular motto or moral code I live by, however that is not to say I do not possess ‘good’ morals and ethics. I simply do not analyse my moral code so much that it particularly affects me on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately I try to live my life stress and anxiety free; taking pleasure in the little things and looking at everything in a positive light. If things are getting me down or I’m having a  bit of a shit day, I take a deep breath, plough on and a few hours later find that I got through the little dilemma or depressive slump and most times am feeling pleased with the results and much more improved in my mood. Today for example; we had plumbing issues in our house and had no hot water for approximately 12 hours. My partner and I made sure all the babies bottles were washed, water boiled and water-reservoir in the fridge filled so we had fresh drinking water. Although it was a culture shock and I lost count of how many times I turned on the tap to wash my hands before remembering there was no water, we got through the night until the following day (today) and the plumber arrived mid-morning. That however caused other issues. Whilst trying to feed the baby, make phone calls following up appointments and deal with the daily dramas of a 4 year old, the plumber trampled toilet water through the house and kindly left the bathroom in a mess so when we did have hot water again I got the pleasure of mopping the bathroom floor and trying my best to clean the carpet which the baby crawls all over while investigating his house and mobility abilities. I cant deny I was extremely stressed and a little annoyed at the time, but an hour later those feelings had past and I was simply glad to once again be living with the modern convenience of a working plumbing system. 

So, I suppose one of the moral codes I may live by would be ‘patience is a virtue’. Having patience helps me keep calm and avoid anxiety. As for other moral and virtues I possess I can’t really say as I’ve never really thought that much about it. I know if there was an old man and a baby drowning in a river I would stand on the shoreline screaming “Oh my god somebody save them’! before jumping in myself and most likely drowning due to my disgraceful swimming skills. I’m a firm believer that you should treat those how you would like to be treated and I am generally pleasant to everyone I meet unless they give me reason not to be; i.e: by being rude to me for no reason, upsetting my children, etc. However given this I feel everyone should be given a second chance and I can always see the positives in most people; (excepting anyone who abuses/harms children; then my moral code takes a 180 and all I can express for these people is nothing but contempt and disgust).

As far as being moral or immoral I know that although (as many of us have) I may have done a few ‘bad’ things in my life; (told a secret you swore confidence or lied to your parents about where you have been), I am still a ‘good’ person. I think Ernest Hemingway sums up morality best in Death in the Afternoon by saying: “So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.” 

Image Credit: flickr.com