Back into the swing of things

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog; I haven’t felt very inspired of late, and still have nothing of particular interest to write about. However, that urge to write remains and despite having nothing to really blog about I’ve decided that I should post anyway and try to get back into the swing of things.

I have been writing monthly 500 word contributions for ABC Open ( and have been enjoying these immensely. Each month offers a new focus topic and I was asked to record one of my contributions for radio! It was extremely hard! I needed about 10 takes; each time attempting to portray the emotion expressed throughout the piece. It astounded me how difficult it was to read something aloud without being self conscience of how you sound; battle nerves and reflect the essence of the story with varying pace and inflection. Each Tuesday I also attend a writing group for the monthly contributions where we brainstorm our monthly pieces and share our work (as well as drink coffee and tea; eat biscuits and get slightly off track in conversation)! It’s nice to have that 2 hours to myself to do something for me, as well as get constructive feedback on my writing and learn of other’s writing styles.

I return back to work in a few weeks and can hardly believe a whole year has past since the birth of my baby! While still small for his age he has certainly grown since his 2 month early entry into the world. He is crawling like a Trojan and pulling himself up on everything and scooting along lounges and the TV unit constantly. He has sprouted 4 teeth in the past 4 weeks and is all gummy smiles and giggles and loveliness. He loves nothing more than to wrestle with his brother and follow big brother around in awe and admiration.

I have been getting stuck into some serious cleaning of late; all the tasks I had set myself to do whilst on maternity leave but never completed as I’ve been much too busy doing nothing! (Having cuddles with my baby takes a lot of time and effort)! Needless to say I can now (reluctantly) return to work knowing that all my spring cleaning has been completed.

I recently got some more ink done to my former forearm tattoo; adding a bird in flight and some red roses to my letter ‘A’ to symbolize my boys spreading their wings (and the roses to make my tattoo feminine and pretty). At first I was concerned about how large my tattoo was and how much of my arm it took up and wondered if I had made a terrible mistake. I found myself worrying about what people (such as my boss) would think and whether people would look at me in a different light. A few days later however once the shock of my new addition settled I fell in love with my new tattoo and come to realise that I don’t/shouldn’t give a s@$t what others think and if they see or treat me differently because of my tattoo then that was their issue and not mine – as long as I am happy with it (which I am), then that is all that matters. I plan to get some more work done and eventually have a 1/2 sleeve on my lower arm.

We’ll, that’s all I can think to write about for now but it felt great blogging again. Hopefully next blog I will have something more creative and insightful to contribute! =)



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