Analyse This…


There are very few television shows I enjoy watching or can commit to watching season after season; if fact there are two: Puberty Blues (an Australian based program based on the book by the same name), and The Walking Dead. I recently finished watching Season 4 of the Walking Dead and prior to viewing was beside myself with excitement; I had been left hanging on the last season wondering how Rick, Carl, Judith and Daryl would fare (as they were/are the only characters I have any emotional attachment to) and was not disappointed by the season return (apart from one very boring episode featuring a near hour-long saga of Beth looking for alcohol and Daryl losing his shit; the only saviour being Daryl losing his shit).

Afterwards however I found myself starting to question little things; such as where are Judith’s bottles coming from; there’s hardly any fresh milk available and I’ve not seen anyone carry or prepare any formula (which they had sourced a few tins of in a previous season); and if they did where are they getting the water from to mix it with? Which leads to the realisation that apart from Beth and Daryl’s deep and meaningful drinking session I’ve not seen any character drink water or any other liquid either. Perhaps these little nuances are ‘implied’ and supposed to be presumed by the viewer as occurring; like how you never saw a Brady use the toilet but is is assumed that they like all other mere humans do require to urinate and such…

Once I started wondering I couldn’t stop; is there still electricity? I can only imagine at some point it would fail to run; which without it means no hot water, light etc. (Which in turn led me to the belief that all featuring females must either have very hairy legs and underarms or are quite handy with a knife? Perhaps some wax was picked up on a run at some point?) Also; when Daryl and Beth approached the golf club my partner asked a strange but curious question; “Who’s been maintaining the lawns”? The club while not pristine as golf clubs generally are; was certainly not overgrown as it should be in reality. Don’t get me wrong; I love the show and am still addicted and committed to seeing it out until the very end, but perhaps the creators/writers could have some respect for the anal viewers with little going on in their lives and too much time to over-analyse stuff and show someone going to the toilet; having a drink of water and the difficulty of preparing a baby’s bottle in the midst of a zombie apocalypse; surely that’s not too much to ask?..Otherwise, bring on Season 5!

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC