The Garden Gnome

The garden gnome guards the gardenias,

Stands by his post night and day.

This dutiful gnome, doing his deeds,

I wonder what he would say;

If he were to part his plastered lips.

Would he whisper to the plants?

‘Stand my ground; I’ll be back soon,

I think I’ll take a look around’.

He then patrols his base,

And screws up his cherub face,

When a cat tramples through the tulips.

Once again he parts those plastered lips,

And let’s loose a threatening ‘hiss!’.

Little gnome circles the bird-bath,

And debates whether wise,

To scale the ornament and shower in disguise,

As a colourful cockatoo!

He decides it’s not something he should do.

With a pleasant sigh,

the gnome returns to his stand,

Relieves the plants of their duty;

And mounts back into the land.

From here he can see, all of his country.

His plastered lips form a smile,

He thinks he may stay awhile.

© T. Rymer, 2006.


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