Welcome to the world of Blogging!

Well; here I go, my first blog! Not exactly sure what to write as I’m very new to this whole experience! Perhaps I should start with a brief description of myself… I am a mother first and foremost; and am of the belief motherhood is the greatest and most important job one could ever have. I would be lying if I were to say it was all sunshine and love and Brady Bunch moments, because it is not! ‘Mothering’ a 4 year old and 6 month old is mostly tiring and frustrating; however the love for your children outweighs all the negativity. As cliché as it may sound, watching a child grow and develop is one of the most rewarding experiences one could ever have.

Before motherhood was bestowed upon me I considered myself to be a hardened metal-head. While motherhood may have softened me somewhat I still love metal and the feelings metal music evokes in me. Metal can make me feel strong, like a warrior, or calm like a yogi! Megadeth and Dave Mustaine were my introduction to metal and remain to be my favourite band/musician of all time. Other favourite bands include Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Testament, Slayer and various other 80’s ‘thrash metal’ bands; as well as bands lying in the borders of metal and ‘hard rock’ such as Deep Purple, Dio/Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Diamond Head and Yngwie Malmsteen. (I am also slightly embarrassed to admit my ‘secret shame’ being Bon Jovi)…

As well as mother and metal head I am also another alliterative collective being metal health advocate. Suffering from anxiety for most of my life to varying degrees I am and will always be one to support education regarding mental health disorders and those suffering from them. Some of my blogs will address these issues. After finishing high school I completed a BA Social Science (Social Welfare) and worked in the welfare field for some years, before becoming disillusioned with the “success” of my work; and suffering from anxiety and drug dependency issues myself. I left the field with the belief my involvement was only detrimental to my clients recovery. I am happy to say that my substance use is no longer an issue, and my anxiety is well managed; however I still do not wish to work in the welfare field; but commend all those that do.

As mentioned I love to write, narrative as well as poetry; and my dream in life is to become a published author. I have completed a BA Arts (English Major); which will likely not be reflected in my blogs (especially in the areas of grammar)! At the age of 31 it has not yet to manifest itself, but that is admittedly due to a combination of my extremely amazing skills in the art of procrastination and my levels (being little to none) of self-motivation.

Well, I think that pretty well sums up me; and I hope that people will be interested in reading my posts which will be a mixture of thoughts, observations, creative writing and poetry. Any feedback is welcomed and encouraged!


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